Tuesday, May 5, 2020

No Room At the Bar Exam Sites: Repeat Bar Exam Takers Cannot Take the Bar Exam in Some Jurisdictions

In light of the current Covid crisis, several jurisdictions are giving priority to only first time bar exam takers and not allowing repeat takers or foreign educated to sit for the bar exam.  

New York is one of these jurisdictions, allowing first time takers from New York law schools priority.  Washington, DC has announced yesterday it was giving priority to first time takers. Maine has already announced that it has reached capacity and will not accept any more applications. Massachusetts is making plans for limited seating capacity.

It’s astonishing to realize that over 60% of the bar exam takers are repeat takers in almost every state. In Massachusetts, the repeat takers made up 70% of the applicants. In New York it’s close to 64%.  In New York, the foreign educated applicants make up 44%, most of them repeat takers.

This translates to thousands of repeat takers not able to take the bar exam this bar cycle. Repeat takes and foreign educated applicants will be forced to wait until February to take the bar exam, but only if nothing else changes and, in these unpredictable times, February may also have seat limitations. Clearly, repeat takers are treated differently and we cannot predict other decisions that may affect them.

While repeat takers are adversely affected by this decision, this should be a motivating factor for starting bar preparation earlier, rather than later.  Be ready to pass your bar exam, no matter when you take it. 

The MBE & UBE Testing Institute has developed our remote, online extended programs for all students who are taking the Massachusetts, California, New York, UBE September 2020 bar exam and states taking the July 2020 bar exam.  We a one-on-one tutoring program that is remotely based, by online, by telephone, by Facetime, by Skype, by Zoom.  We can help all repeat takers and foreign educated students pass the bar exam.

The MBE & UBE Testing Institute knows that taking the bar exam as a repeat taker can be an isolating experience. The MBE & UBE Testing Institute helps the student keep motivated and confident through interaction with an MBE & UBE Testing Institute’s online bar tutor and tutoring.
When you need help passing the bar exam, contact the MBE & UBE Testing Institute at pass@mbetestinginstitute.com for more information, like us on facebook at UBE & MBE Testing Institute, follow us on twitter @MBETesting, see us on youtube.

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