Saturday, August 16, 2014

Federal Civil Procedure, the February 2015 Bar Exam, and the MBE Testing Institute Seminars on the MBE and Federal Civil Procedure

Effective February 2015, the MBE will expand to 7 subjects, which includes 27 questions on the subject of Federal Civil Procedure. Instead of only learning 6 subjects, the student will have to study for Federal Civil Procedure on the MBE. Issues include personal jurisdiction, the long arm statute, venue, appeals, diversity of citizenship, subject matter jurisdiction, pleadings, discovery, joinder of claims and parties, res judicata and collateral estoppel, counterclaims and cross claims, interpleader and intervention and summary judgment.

The MBE Testing Institute has created a specific program for its students addressing this newly tested subject.  Please go to our website, for more information

In addition, the MBE Testing Institute will be conducting MBE seminars, with special emphasis on Federal Civil Procedure, in the fall.  Please go to our website, to sign up for these important and valuable seminars.

An MBE Tutor is so important to the repeat taker.  The MBE Testing Institute can help you overcome the difficulty of the MBE test and help you to a successful score.

If you need help passing the MBE, contact the MBE Testing Institute at for more information.