Monday, July 20, 2020

New York Cancels its Bar Exam, Eyeing The Remote Test Given on October 5th

On July 16, 2020, the Board of Law Examiners made the decision to cancel the September 9-10 administration of the bar examination in New York. The Board arrived at this decision after consideration of current conditions and with a focus on the health and safety of all participants. The Court of Appeals came to the decision that an in-person exam is not yet a safe or practical option in New York.

The Chief Judge has approved a program designed to provide temporary authorization for qualified law graduates to engage in the supervised practice of law. As provided in the Court’s amended rules, the temporary authorization program is available to all first-time takers of the bar examination employed in New York, including both J.D. and LL.M. candidates, irrespective of their graduation year. Once authorized, eligible candidates will be permitted to work under a qualified supervising attorney prior to their admission to the bar and to perform, subject to supervision, many of the functions of admitted attorneys across the State. Candidates may remain in the program through their formal admission to the bar, so long as candidates pass their first bar examination no later than 2021 and promptly seek admission to the bar following the release of exam results.

In addition, the Chief Judge has assembled a Working Group, to study the future of the bar exam in New York. The Working Group has been tasked with evaluating, in a comprehensive manner, the primary assessment tool for New York bar applicants (presently, the Uniform Bar Examination) as well as other proposed metrics for bar admission – including a fully remote bar exam and a diploma privilege, among other alternatives. Relevant considerations will include health and safety, feasibility, equality, security, and the reliability of each proposed alternative as an accurate measure of an applicant’s proficiency.

As its first priority, the Working Group will evaluate the emergency remote testing option to be offered by the NCBE on October 5-6 and endeavor to reach a recommendation by early August.

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